"This is just what I needed, something I can easily browse in my own home and refer back to when I need ideas and help for my diet and health - the recipes are excellent!"

Nancy, Norwich

"I like to understand why I need to make changes, so the in-depth part of the report was great reading matter for me - and personal to my needs"

Sarah, Brighton

Alexandra Petersson, Nutritionist based in Sweden."My Nutri Profile is a great service for anyone that seeks individualised and professional nutritional advice. It is an excellent concept that is based on science and expert-advice that gives its users an understanding of the most powerful tool of health: nutrition. I highly recommend this service – it is certainly a closer step towards achieving the optimal wellbeing we all wish to achieve.

Alexandra Petersson is a Nutritionist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2005 she is in charge of the nutritional department at Balance Training (www.balancetraining.se) and is the Nutritionist of Adidas, Stockholm. She is also a lecture in nutrition, writes articles and is currently writing a cook-book. For two seasons she put together a health-menu at Gordon Ramsays restaurant Boxwood and worked as a Senior Nutritionist at Total Being."

Alexandra Petersson, Nutritionist based in Sweden.

Dr Robert Verkerk, Alliance for Natural Health""My Nutri Profile represents an important breakthrough - a valuable tool to help consumers make informed choices in the area of natural health.""

Dr Robert Verkerk, Alliance for Natural Health